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I have a kick-ass girlfriend, manage a small software company and have 2 kids, a kick-ass girlfriend, a couple of cats, a kick-ass girlfriend, and 5 goldfish in a pond (no, wait, 4 goldfish... 3 goldfish... Cat!) Did I mention the kick-ass girlfriend?


I was born in 1967 which means my teenage years were spent listening to Bowie, the Talking Heads, Clash, Van Halen and other such nice stuff.
I went to school here, here, here and here, finishing with a Magna Cum Laude in Marketing and Economics. The economics bit was an accident involving all 'international' something courses being classified as economics, and the registrars office called me up a couple of days before graduation and told me that I had amassed enough economics credits to classify as a double major, and would I want that on the record. In a moment of confusion I said yes.
My professional experience involved marketing and advertising until I paroled myself from that business in 94 and switched over to IT. I worked at the Trade Council of Iceland as a consultant assisting Icelandic Software companies to export their stuff world wide.
Subsequent to that I started working at OZ.COM, where I spent the next five years working on internet (we did some really cool stuff) and mobile internet communications products, in cooperation with Ericsson.
Last year, my girlfriend and I founded Hex, to create mobile services using a mixture of technologies, from Speech based applications to MMS.